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Blueprints for Healing your Soul: Insights from Remodel Yourself

by | Sep 16, 2018

A Resource for Domestic Violence Victims and Survivors Seeking Healing and Peace

Carol Minchew

Carol Minchew


Why me?

In the mid-fifties to the late-sixties there was no label to describe the trauma of domestic violence—and there were few, if any, shelters established to provide refuge for victims even in the largest cities in the country. Members of the clergy, mental health professionals, social workers, and attorneys did not understand how to help women who suffered abuse. I know, because I sought such help as a young mother of two small children.

That’s why, after retirement from a 40-year, successful interior design career and a full, happy second marriage of many years, I have taught “healing classes” at one of the largest domestic violence shelters in the country.  In the early years, as a volunteer, I got to know the shelter participants. It became clear that while physical, safety, and mental health needs were being met, the people who came to the shelter—nearly all women, were still seeking a sense of peace for their souls, a way to heal the important Spirit part of the “Mind, Body, Spirit Wholeness trilogy”.  Finding healing for the “spirit” part of that trilogy is what provided closure from the trauma of abuse for me.

To this end, I facilitate a weekly class, using the workbook that I developed, to guide DV survivors to succeed and flourish by taking back control and responsibility for their own lives. While exploring their strengths and acknowledging their weaknesses, they begin to regain a sense of self-worth, while understanding that NO ONE deserves to be abused.

Observing this process of self-empowerment is a magical thing to witness each week. From my work at the shelter, I began developing materials to help people who are reclaiming their lives from the trauma of domestic violence, materials that help people “remodel’’ their interior selves – not unlike the many homes and commercial buildings I designed or rejuvenated during my career as an interior designer. In the process, survivors can re-discover the inner power that has been within them since birth. I have now expanded my workbook into the soon to be published book Your Remodeled Self.

My Goal

  My goal is to help domestic violence survivors to find their authentic/truest selves that were lost in their time of abuse, help them find the keys to a metaphorical house (their true spirit), to lead them to a back passageway, a shortcut, that was closed to me at the time I sought healing.

What I needed was a blueprint, a clear path to help me reconstruct the rubble of my life and that of my children.  I desperately needed to “remodel” the sacred space within me where my heart—my soul—my essence lay crumbled at the very foundation of my being. I found and unfolded that blueprint, which led to a renewed connection with my creator. I have found peace and a joy-filled life. With a clear blueprint as a path to healing, it is also possible for you or someone you know.

What This Blog Isn’t

This blog is not about the re-telling of individual traumas, it’s about healing.  In this blog, we will not focus on stories of abuse, but on stories of healing.  Along the way, I’ll share my amazing path to finding my personal peace and a joy-filled life. I hope you will help others by sharing yours in the comments section below.


Until next time, peace and blessings,


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