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A Blueprint for Healing From Domestic Violence
By Carol Minchew


Healing is the grace we seek. Deep stillness from the chaos, fear, and upheaval of domestic violence is what we deserve — peace.  Finding it is the great puzzle. 

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Healing is the grace we seek. Deep stillness from the chaos, fear, and upheaval of domestic violence is what we deserve — peace. Finding it is the great puzzle.

Even after I had found the courage to leave my abuser, even after I had escaped to safety, even after I thought I had left the control and oppressive fear behind, I was left with the patch-worked, ragged, crazy quilt of an unraveled life. What to do? What was my path forward? Where was the compass that could lead me to peace? Baby steps, yes, baby steps was all I could attempt.

This site is not about the trauma of living in the midst of domestic violence. Each of you seeking healing to the bruises sustained by your soul, could, and would, tell a very different story—each of our stories is unique, complex and individual. This site is not about the re-telling of our individual traumas. This site is a healing site, a place for us to share our precious healing experiences and those very practical ways in which we have found personal peace and contentment.

Join me on my journey to the joy-filled, successful life that has come to me in the most exciting and unforeseen ways imaginable. I will share my insights, struggles and wrong turns taken, as I made my way to a peaceful, balanced life. Grab a coffee and let’s talk.

Hopefully, as I share my truths, learned over many years, you can avoid some of the bumps that I encountered along my winding path to the wonderful life I have come to know and triumphantly claim as mine.

For many years, I have facilitated a two-hour workshop at one of the largest domestic violence shelters in America. I use a workbook, which I developed over the course of years spent volunteering with women living in a DV shelter. This work has been the most rewarding, soul-feeding experience of my long life. In sharing, the women and I learn from each other. This is my prayer in reaching out to you: survivors, family and friends of survivors, or those of you summoning the courage to, at last, make the break from a desperate abuse situation. Together we heal!

In grace and peace,


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Carol's book is the best there is. So informative and healing. In a recent survey performed by, almost four million people in the U.S. were served. This number is shocking. I know this book will help those in need.

Lisa Crisperoff